Creation - Production - Performance
Program For Next Generation Artists

in-studio and on-stage skills, knowledge and experience for performing artists, songwriters & producers


Producer & Engineer of Prince, David Byrne, Bare Naked Ladies

"This is a great idea - previously, for a signed artist doing a debut album, the label, A & R, manager and fan base would be shaping your development before you got to the studio; today in the era of unsigned artists, producers are now more responsible than ever before for doing the work of artist development." - 2021

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Nova Carver-Cook

Sloane Duffy

Izzy al Jabri

What's Your Sonic Signature?

Here, You Can Discover It.

Level 1

Songwriting, vocal performance, musicianship, audio recording basics.

Level 2

Professional demo production, multimedia creation, copyright & music business.

Level 3

Single/EP release, live showcase, networking & marketing, industry introductions.

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