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My Raison D'être

After 16 years of operating my multi-faceted recording, songwriting, rehearsal, education facility, 'imaginit music studio', in east downtown Toronto I've relocated to central downtown and stream-lined my services to focus exclusively on what I love most:

STUDIO PRODUCTION: A recording & songwriting studio where ideas can flow freely and performance magic is skillfully captured and shaped into great sonic results.

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: One of a kind sessions for gifted next generation music artists, songwriters, and producers to discover their sonic signature and learn real-world skills, knowledge & craft.

INDUSTRY PROJECTS: Trailblazing vision and skillful leadership to expertly conceive and execute equity & inclusion focused events, panels and key notes.

What People Say

"Recording with Lisa at the helm is the rare experience of feeling fully supported. Her technical skills and outstanding reputation as an advocate for inclusion are changing the industry for the better " - Alysha Brilla. 3 X Juno-nominated Artist l Producer

"It is just incredible how my song made a huge improvement. She is great at arranging, creating parts and vocal production - her level of knowledge, attention to detail are just another level." - Karla Garcia. Musician l Composer l Singer-Songwriter.

"When I get a call from LP, I know a few things are 100% certain: passion, patience and professionalism. Without question the session is gonna be a good experience.” - Rohan Staton. Session Musician l Producer l Composer.

"The best part about working with Lisa is her attention to detail, vast knowledge of mics and sound, and how she made me feel so comfortable, welcome and supported as an artist in my vision." - Janice Jo Lee. Singer l Musician l Poet l Theatre Artist l Educator.

Lisa Patterson provided me the opportunity to attend the Producer Panel at Canada's national conference CMW in 2018. Though I'd been attending CMW since 2012, this was the first ever gender inclusive Producer Panel. "Seeing myself" on the panel was a huge mental shift for me, and now I am proud to say I am not only a recording artist, but a producer. Lisa is a true gem of the Canadian Music Industry".
same as me. singer | songwriter | rapper | producer I advocate

"I've worked with producers in the past who got the job done -- as quickly as possible. Lisa's whole heart is invested in the music, and she brings a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge that have songs come alive". - Mozaic. Singer l Songwriter l Rapper.

"We know we exist but it isn't often that female and non-binary music producers and sound engineers connect and receive immense supportive vibes like this - thanks for this super refreshing workshop!" - Sima. H.E.R. studio workshop participant

"Lisa’s mentorship made me love music and learning because she treated me like an equal, even as a youth. She encouraged me to take risks musically and to find my voice as a performer - she instilled in me a confidence that I carry with me today."
- Finleigh Smart. Canadian Opera Company l former mentee

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