Revolutionizing Artist Services

Mission Statement

Fearless Creative is a music company that puts artist care as top priority. Without artists, there is no music industry.

Our definition of success comes from the artist's aims: " There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground ” - Rumi

Stepping outside of the box takes courage - we believe that's where artistry shines brightest. Sometimes throwing spaghetti at the wall is the way to the best song, best production or best live set. 

 We place a high value on safeguarding artists' needs and comfort, ensuring a harmonious work and travel environment so that artists can bring their fully fearless selves to the studio and stage.

As studio & stage professionals, we can be an astute ear on a mix, bring a woman's touch to vocal production, or design choreography for a show.

 Fearless Creative singer care includes supporting vocal rest, protecting focus time before and after shows and honouring personal downtime - unless of course the Grammys call and then we'll wake you up in the middle of the night. 


Fearless Creative has developed a unique personalized artist discovery process that becomes the foundation from which springs sonic signature, career strategy, brand development and marketing plans.

Evolution is natural and expected. 

Our direct experience in touring and recording brings street smarts and true empathy to the table. We anticipate needs and nothing surprises us.


Need a last minute chord chart for rehearsal or vocal comp for a single release deadline? Been there, do that.

Ears & skills are available at on-site songwriting and production studio for co-writes, editing, consult or test run a new song key before a show. 

With an extensive talent bank we can arrange for top shelf collaborators, session players, string section, choir or vocal coach. Multimedia projects are beloved and encouraged.

LPM advocacy arm opens doors of opportunity for artists to participate in international equity & inclusion initiatives, song camps, showcases and panels. Together we're  building a kinder and fairer music industry.


Women in Music Canada's 2024 Entrepreneur of the Year, Lisa Patterson brings a real world perspective to artist representation and support services. She came up playing in bands, toured 4 continents, released 4 solo albums with charting singles. Now based out of Toronto, Canada has established a busy career as producer, engineer, songwriter & mentor. Lisa's background and experience brings unique insight & understanding to artist support.


What People Say

"The best part about working with Lisa is how she made me feel so comfortable, welcome and supported as an artist in my vision."  - Janice Jo Lee. Singer l Songwriter l Musician l Theatre Artist.

"Passion, patience and professionalism guaranteed." - Rohan Staton. Session Musician l Producer l Composer.

"Recording with Lisa at the helm is the rare experience of feeling fully supported- Alysha Brilla 3 X Juno-nominated Artist l Producer

"Lisa's whole heart is invested in music, and she brings a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge". - Mozaic. Singer l Songwriter l Rapper.

"A true gem of the industry - Lisa provided me the opportunity to see others like me on a first-ever gender inclusive Producer Panel which was a huge mental shift. Now I'm not only a recording artist, but a producer".
same as me. singer | songwriter | rapper | producer I advocate

"It's incredible how my song made a huge improvement - her vocal production, arranging knowledge, attention to detail are just another level." - Karla Garcia. Musician l Composer l Singer-Songwriter.